The Problem

When a patient visits the doctor and their blood pressure readings are high, it may be an indication that the patient has hypertension. On the other hand, blood pressure is highly variable, and may fluctuate widely within the same day. What’s more, it’s not uncommon for patients to display an elevated blood pressure when visiting the doctor, a phenomenon known as the white-coat effect.

Basing a diagnosis on one measurement could lead to an inaccurate assessment, particularly when this one measurement may not be reliable. In order to properly diagnose hypertension, it is recommended that physicians prescribe a 24-hour continuous assessment of the patient’s blood pressure using a special blood pressure monitor known as an Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor (ABPM) that is worn at all times throughout the day and night.

The diagnosis is aided by an accompanying diary which is filled out by the patient to associate their activities and mood with the blood pressure readings.

Historically, this diary is recorded on paper, relying on the patient to remember to fill it out. Not surprisingly, the patients often forget to fill it out, or fill it out retroactively and inaccurately.

SunTech Medical, a medical device manufacturer who specializes in ABPM, saw an opportunity to create a better patient diary solution with an app.

The Solution

SunTech Medical partnered with Little Green Software to design and build the True24™ patient diary mobile app for patients to use with the SunTech Medical® Oscar 2™ ambulatory blood pressure monitor during a physician-prescribed ABPM study.

During an ABPM study, the patient wears the Oscar 2 monitor and the Orbit™ ABPM cuff to periodically measure blood pressure throughout a 24-hour period. This includes both daytime and overnight periods.

The iOS app connects and communicates wirelessly to the blood pressure monitor with BlueTooth Smart.

Following each daytime blood pressure measurement, the True24 mobile app prompts the patient to enter information about their activity, posture or any symptoms experienced while the blood pressure measurement was taken. This diary information is extremely valuable, further assisting clinicians with interpreting the ambulatory blood pressure study data and making hypertension treatment decisions.

The True24 app also provides an option for the patient to save their Oscar 2 blood pressure measurements to the Health App.