In 2013, The Nicholas School Dean’s Digital Initiative funded the development of a statistics review website. The endeavor proved very successful with over 100-200 unique viewers per day. The success of the website inspired the development of a mobile application. Dr. Albright asked Little Green Software to create an initial application that would provide her students with basic statistics concepts as well as with an interactive decision tool.


Design: Dr. Albright, an artist herself, was instrumental in the overall design of the application. The app was a culmination of her interests in art, technology, and data analysis. Dr. Albright’s aim was to develop a beautifully designed, user-friendly application that displays general and clear statistical concepts. Working closely with the design team, she was able to integrate her very own artwork into the design.

Development: Little Green Software created the stats! app for iOS. The app provides interactive statistical content on the underlying concepts, mechanics, and interpretations of the major tools of data analysis. In addition, the app includes a decision tree tool that will assist a user in determining the best test to run given the question that the user seeks to answer. The decision tree feature was developed with the user in mind, allowing the user to tap on a item in order to view a modal, or pop-up, containing a formula or an image for closer examination. The modal helps the user determine his or her next steps. This feature required a total team collaboration and resulted in a seamless, helpful, and user-friendly tool.


This user-friendly, well-organized solution is beautifully designed and allows users to say “so long” to their heavy textbooks. stats! has consistently received five-star reviews and accolades in the app store.