The Problem

The Lenovo Global Internal Communications team keeps Lenovo employees informed and connected with everything going on with the company and related media coverage.

The Communications team uses multiple mediums and channels to communicate with employees, including articles, videos, photo galleries, and social media.

The challenge Lenovo faced was twofold: 1) Most people access digital content from their phone; employees wanted a premium mobile app experience for engaging with this content. 2) The Communications team wanted content to be easy to create once in its content management system (CMS), or YouTube or Twitter, and published everywhere across all the channels: web, mobile and social.

The Solution

Lenovo and Little Green Software partnered to design and develop the LC Lite app, available in Google Play for all Lenovo employees.

The app delivers the latest updates from around the company - articles, photo galleries, videos and social media. Employees can comment and praise content to contribute to the conversation, and add their own social content to the app by tagging it with a special Lenovo hashtag.

The 5-star app has been well received by the entire company. Lenovo employees and the communications team love the app as a fun way to stay engaged and connected with everything happening at Lenovo.