The Problem

Pattern Health Technologies’ mission is to build software that helps patients and doctors manage chronic conditions. According to the Centers for Disease Control, hypertension affects 1 in 3 US adults – about 68 million people. Those who suffer from hypertension often struggle to stick with a treatment program since hypertension management involves behavioral changes that mostly yield benefits long term benefits. A product that successfully improves adherence to a hypertension treatment program has enormous potential to affect the lives of millions.

Creating the App

HeartStar 1.0 Little Green Software created the HeartStar app for iOS, which connects with Bluetooth® Smart home blood pressure monitors, allowing users to record pulse and blood pressure without the need to enter data manually. HeartStar attempts to promote a consistent measurement program by providing users with immediate, personalized feedback based on user-set goals. HeartStar also allows users to track their measurements over time using graphs, and to easily send a measurement summary in a PDF report. The app also includes an option to automatically upload measurements to a secure portal accessible by their health care providers and other trusted associates.

HeartStar 2.0 When Apple redesigned its iPhone operating system, Pattern Health Technologies saw an opportunity to set HeartStar even further apart from its competitors by updating the app’s visual design and user experience to fit beautifully with iOS 7. Changes to HeartStar include:

  • Initial setup that helps users get started and guides users through the goal-setting process
  • A simplified homepage that allows users to view last, average, lowest, and highest readings
  • A new measurement tab that allows users to take measurements from any page
  • Reminders that allow users to set days and times to be notified and are connected to their frequency goals which helps increase user adherence
  • A points system that replaced the original star rating system. Users are awarded points based on progress toward goals
  • The ability to import and export measurements in CSV format. This feature allows users to import and backup measurements from another app. Charts and lists are also cleaner and easier to read and navigate


Little Green Software has raised the bar for blood pressure monitoring apps, making it easier than ever for users to record their blood pressure, to understand long-term changes in their behavior, and to stick with a hypertension management program. The app is currently available to download from the Apple App Store.