Animation Inspiration: Newsfeeds

With over 1.5 million apps in the both the Android and iOS app stores, there is a lot of competition. What can you do to set your app apart from others? One way to add extra polish to your app is to use animations. Animations are not only exciting to look at, but they also improve your users’ experience.

Animations can improve usability in a few ways:

  1. They help your users focus on what is important. An object that changes size or color is going to catch a user’s attention. Think about your favorite photo app – often, apps will change the size of an image when selected.
  2. Animations reflect the real world so that users can understand what is happening. Whether it’s a page turn or a swipe to push something off screen, animations can mimic real life actions on a flat screen, so users feel like they are actually interacting with objects.
  3. Animations give users feedback – did an action they performed actually do anything? An animation can help confirm and encourage repeated action.

For this post, our focus is on animations for newsfeeds. Newsfeed apps present a lot of content to users, usually in list or card form. Scrolling through long lists can get boring – make it more interesting with animation!

Below are some excellent animation concepts for inspiration - follow the links to give the designers credit!

List animations

These transition animations here can keep an app interesting, and also help users note where they are in a list.

Brief Animated by Zsolt Kacso

Swagger App Feed Transitions by Kreativa Studio

List Animation by Punna Jagadeesh

ECHO App v2.1 by Sergey Valiukh for Tubik Studio

Article transition

For a newsfeed app, opening an article is going to be a repeated action. Use transition animations to focus your users’ attention on the article they selected.

Article Animation by Cristian Hurhui

Articles by Alexander Ivanov

Article Animation by Karol Ortyl

News Article Details by Andrej Radisic for Five

Pull to refresh

Pull to refresh is an action that most users are familiar with. Use this space to add an interesting loading animation, and surprise your users!

Pull Down To Refresh by Ramotion

Gear-Powered Pull-to-Refresh animation by Michael B. Myers Jr.

Pull to Refresh by Ivan Bjelajac

Designer News - Pull To Refresh by Corey Ginnivan

Latest News Pull to Refresh by Sergii Ganushchak for Yalantis

Animations also bring life and personality to your app, setting it apart from others. Using them in a polished app will not only delight your users, it will have them wanting to use your app again and again.